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  1. Lord_hierophantūs

    Serious Do you ever feel as though you have lost your mind?

    I feel that I live in great contradiction within my thoughts, emotions and actions I look at something I have a thought, but what I say is not consistent with what I think. I look around me and see others suffering, treating everyone like garbage and I sadly have a dab of that black ink of hate...
  2. Null

    Experimental Unknown/Lost/Mystery Songs

    Ŭ̶͈n̵̰̐k̸̮͊n̴̮̎ơ̴͜w̶̡̽n̶̦̉/̴͍̒L̸̟̊o̶͍̕s̷̢̅t̴̢̓/̵̥̐Ḿ̴̹y̸̩͗s̶̼̕t̵̠͛ĕ̸̖r̵̤͊y̴̯͒ ̶̧̉S̵̢͠o̶̝͝n̶̹͑ḡ̶͚s̵̢̊ Post songs that to this day aren't identified (artist/s, real title, year, origin, etc); lost (only fragments of it remains)/songs of obscure origins; songs being used in esoteric...
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