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  1. XieXie

    Misc Creepy Songs

    Post and discuss music that is creepy/scary/unnerving/etc. Whether it's because of how it sounds, what the song is about, the circumstances surrounding it, or some other reason. I'll start off with this strange and unsettling song: Crushed Mary by mondaiji-p. (volume warning!) I would describe...
  2. Khastle

    Paranormal Personal Paranormal Stories

    This board needs more threads so here's one: personal paranormal stories, or even ones you've heard from friends. If you have any good ones be sure to share them here as we'd love to hear them.
  3. Khastle

    Paranormal The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him?

    The Hat Man: Have You Seen Him? Prelude This is an article detailing a rather interesting entity spotted all around the globe known simply as The Hat Man. He is tall, imposing, and frightening to look upon, but harmless in nature (mostly). He appears in the realms of dreams and drug...
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