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city pop

  1. Jundle

    City Pop Ginger Root Is Making an Animated Film

    Japanese/American artist Ginger Root most popularly known for his modern renditions of classic 70s and 80s Japanese City Pop seems to be producing an animated movie. So in honor of the trailer I figured a thread was due. Below are a few examples of his music and the trailer in question.
  2. Khastle

    City Pop Himiko Kikuchi's Album's "Flying Beagle" & "Sevilla Breeze" Get Repressed Almost 40 Years!

    I still can't believe this happened but Sony saw the popularity her music was getting on YouTube outside and inside Japan and now 37 years later they have decided to repress two of her most popular albums on CD once more. Obviously I've bought both as I didn't want to miss the opportunity as...
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